2018 Volkswagen Atlas

The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas can be considered Autonomous Level 2, as it has lane assistance and adapative cruise control with stop and go functionality.

From VW.com:

Volkswagen Atlas Lane Assist

When moving, the available Lane Departure Warning (Lane Assist) can sense if you start to drift into another lane without using the turn signal. Within the limits of the system, Lane Assist can help steer to help keep you in the current lane.

Volkswagen Atlas Adaptive Cruise Control

Available Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) helps maintain a preset distance from the car in front of you. When activated, if the car in front of you speeds up or slows down, the sensors can detect the change and your car follows suit. With the available Stop and Go feature, the system can apply the brakes until your vehicle comes to a stop and, in certain situations, can start you moving again if the vehicle in front of you starts moving. The driver can return to the previously set speed by either pressing the resume button on the steering wheel or stepping on the gas pedal.

Videos and reviews of the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control Functionality

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